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NX5 - Edge Bander



Product ID:NX5

(Edging-End trimming-Fine trimming-Scraping-Buffing)

PLC Control with TOUCH SCREEN,Delta Inverters

  • Thickness of panel:10-60mm

    Min width of panel:60mm

    Min length of panel:160mm

    Thickness of belt:0.3-3mm(PVC)

    Panel feeding speed:0-26m/min(Adjustable)

    Air pressure:0.7Mpa

    End cutting motor:2x0.5KW   12000r/min    200HZ

    Fine trimming motor:2x0.75KW    12000r/min    200HZ

    Buffing motor:2x0.25KW         1400r/min   50HZ

    Heating power of glue tank:.2.6KW

    Panel feeding motor:2.2KW

    Glue spindle motor:0.75KW

    Power of accessorial heater:0.12KW

    Total power:8.67KW

    Outline size:4000x1200x1500mm

    Net weight :about 1400kgs