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DP-9 - Overhead Saw Guard



Product ID:DP-9

Model: DP-9 
Universal Overarm Blade Guard For Table Saws
-Designed for more efficient dust collection. Sawdust is immediately removed
-Easy to install and simple to use-connect to a standard 4Ħħ dust hose.
-4Ħħ main boom +3Ħħ telescopic inner boom.
Boom height above floor
33 3/4Ħħ to 48 1/2Ħħ (860 to 1230 mm)
Boom height above table
13 3/8Ħħ (340 mm)
Main boom diameter
4Ħħ (102 mm)
Inner boom diameter
3Ħħ (77 mm)
Distance between blade & end of extension table
39 3/4Ħħ to 69 5/8Ħħ (1010 to 1770 mm)