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T1000BS - Spindle Moulder



Product ID:T1000BS

Sliding table fitted with mitre fence and work clamp for precision work
45กใ backwards tilting spindle (+5กใ to - 45กใ) gives increased safety with larger cutters
Four spindle speeds 1800/3000/6000/9000RPMwith digital read-out of speed
Independently adjustable long fence wings give extra support to the work
Cast iron table gives stability, vibration absorption and a stable surface
2.8kW 230V 1ph braked induction motor, 16A supply required
Interchangeable spindles to hold block cutter and router bit cutter
01)   Motor power: 2800W
02)   Motor speed: 2800RPM
03)   Motor protection: thermal link
04)   Cast iron table size: 1000x360 mm
05)   Sliding table size: 1000x240mm
06)   Sliding table travel: 1200 mm
07)   Table height: 900 mm
08)   Spindle diameter: 30 mm
09)   Spindle travel: 100 mm
10)   Table opening: 200 mm
11)   Spindle title: +5กใ to - 45กใ
12)   Tool diameter max: 180 mm
13)   Speed: 1800/3000/6000/9000RPM
14)   Suction nozzle: 100 mm
15)   Weight: 218/270kg
16)   Packing size: 1150x730x1155 mm
17)   20กฏ Container loading: 32pcs