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M230E/4 - 4-sided Moulder



Product ID:M230E/4

Technical Data
Max. Finished material capacity mm 230(W)x120(T)
Working width mm 20~230
Working thickness mm 8~120
Min. length of the workpirce mm 480
Infeed table length mm 2200
Spindle dia. mm 40
Cutterblock block - Bottom ø 120
Cutterblock block - Right ø 110~180
Cutterblock block - Left ø 110~180
Cutterblock block - Top ø 110~180
Cutterblock block - Universal ø x
Spindle rotation speed rpm 6000
feeding speed( 2 speeds) m/min 6 & 12
Feeding roller dia mm 120
Sunction dust port mm 4x120
1st Bottom spindle power KW(HP) 4(5.5)
2nd Right spindle power KW(HP) 4(5.5)
3rd Left spindle power KW(HP) 4(5.5)
4th Top spindle power KW(HP) 5.5(7.5)
5th Universal spindle power KW(HP) x
Feeding motor power KW(HP) 1.5/1.8(2/2.4)
Net weight kg 1700
Pallet packing dimension mm 3460x1500x1700

Optional equipments:
Increasingbottom/right/left shaft power to 5.5KW
Increasing top power to 7.5KW
M020-Auto Y-start for each spindle
Variable feeding speed 6~12 m/min (Inverter)