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M400 series - 4-sided Moulder


M400 series

Product ID:M400 series

M400 SERIES (Max width400mm)

Seek for power, we become more powerful. 
Professional solution for Heavy-duty process as ultra-large type of wooden house beam and wooden batten. 
?50mm spindle, out-ball bearings for all horizontal spindles, strong and cutting powerful, working table made in alloy steel, feeding roller with OD ?180mm-M40 heavy duty moulder serie.


M400 Outstanding character 
1. Special processing range, widely satisfy the needs of greatness workpieces. The Max. working widthis 400mm,and the Max.thickness is 250mm. 
2. Each spindle with the diameter of 50mm. The out bearing on the horizontal spindles can increase the carrying capacity. The Max.outer diameter of cutting circle reaches 230mm, this is good to improve the machining quality. 
3. The feeding system is built up with 6 groups of bottom rollers and 12 groups of top feeding rollers which OD is 180mm, They are driven by pneumatic to ensure powerful feeding. Besides, the 1st bottom roller and infeed table can move up and down at the same time to simplify to adjustment. 
4. The feeding table is embedded with wearable alloy for the durability. 
5. The working table adopts special alloy steel and also treated by vulcanize treatment. The hardness more than HRC60 degrees for the durability. 
6. The left and right spindles are designed to adopt double-desk working table.The axial adjustment range is 80mm. As it can hold two groups of cutter blocks, it is flexible for machining. 
7. The working thickness of top spindle and the working width of left spindle are adopt electric setting. Higher precision and easier to operate. 
8. Each feeding roller, side pressure wheels, front and rear pressure board of top spindle are pressed by pneumatic. The pressure can be adjusted and it is convenient to control. 
9. Motion adjustment is widely adopted pneumatic-locking each spindle and the inter-lock with the electric system is for safety and simplify operations. 
10. For the 2nd bottom spindle, there is individual motor automatically to lift the top pressure shoe, and the saw blade installed reaches the diameter of 300mm .The top pressure shoe which is controlled by pneumatic enlarged the working range as well. 
11. To assure powerful cutting, the spindles are with high-power motor and driven by synchronous belt. 
12. Inverter feed speed of 5-25m/min. 
13. Electric oil pump lubricates the working table in timing and ration (which can be adjusted), centralized lubrication to moving parts by manual oil pump. 
14. Adopting PLC system to achieve the control of each spindle motor and location setting device. 
15. Moveable PLC screen, convenient for using. 
16. Adopting electric components from international class with steady quality. 
17. Pneumatic blower to ease the cleanness. 
18. Sealed safety cover is for the protection against noise and dust, and it is helpful for safe operation.