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M250 series - 4-sided Moulder


M250 series

Product ID:M250 series

M250 SERIES (Max width250mm)

Saving the material in efficiency, you will get the richer benefit of production. 
Hardwood strip, floors, wooden doors and large -cutting profile processing. 
60m/min high feeding speed for choice, for processing short pieces, and function of multi ripping, achieve efficiency multiplying increasing-M25 efficient moulder series. 


M250 Outstanding character 
1. Inverter to feed 6-30m/min. 
2. Individual motor power for each spindle to ensure maximum cutting power. 
3. Spindle diameter ŽÁ50 and two pairs of high-precision bearing support , which are more suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
4. All adjustment of spindles is centralized in front of machine,to be convenient to operate. 
5. High chrome work table for good durability. 
6. The gear case is equipped,to be good for processing the short pieces. 
7. The design of double-layer work table are more reliable and effective to ensure the straightness on both sides of work piece. 
8. Pneumatic side pressure wheel before left spindle can adjust the side pressure flexibly. 
9. First group of feeding roller and chain-wheel box with pneumatic double-direction adjustment for press and raise ,you can make theworkpiece feeding or back-feed. 
10. Pneumatic front pressure shoe before top spindle is convenient and nimble to adjust. 
11. Bottom driving roller is helpful for the feeding purpose. 
12. Pneumatic pressure loading to top feed rollers separately adjustable for easy of feeding with variation in thickness. 
13. Manual oil pump lubricates the work table and carriage,centralized lubrication is easy to control. 
14. Adopting electric components from international brand with steady quality 
15. Sealed safety enclosure is for the protection against noise and dust úČand it is helpful for the safe operation. 
16. Series M25 has additional optional configuration against the workpiece with distortions ,short piece of 180mm process by 60m/min and working range up to 250í┴200mm.