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M160 series - 4-sided Moulder


M160 series

Product ID:M160 series

M160 SERIES (Max width160mm)

Seek for practicality, we become more practical. 
Professional solution for processing Soft wood strip, Medium cutting capacity strip, MDF strip, HDF strip, Glued laminated timber and Square boards. 


M160 Outstanding character 
1. Stepless speed change device6-24m/min. 
2. Individual motor to each spindle to ensure maximum cutting. 
3. all spindle adjustments are carried out in front of the machine for convenience. 
4. Hard chrome treatment has been adopted for the durability of the work table surface. 
5. Chain-wheel box is equipped for advancing the smooth feeding of short piece availably. 
6. Bottom driving bed rollers for enhancing feeding performance. 
7. Pneumatic pressure loading to top feed rollers separately adjustable for easy of feeding stock with variation in thickness. 
8. Manual lubrication to the work table and carriage , easy to centralized control and shortcut. 
9. Sealed safety enclosure avoid splashing of wood chips and insulate the noises, it is good for the safe protection.